Updated 19 Mar 2023

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Mary Gahan grave

Grave of Mary Gahan
Photo courtesy Kate Velte-Schweitz

Mary Gahan Tent #109 is located in Seneca County, NY and was installed at The Gridley Inn on Saturday May 29, 2010. The tent was formed to honor our ancestors, and to coordinate programs and events with the Village of Waterloo and the American Civil War Memorial (ACWM). The Village has assigned ownership of the ACWM to the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865, while promising to maintain its grounds and provide security lighting.

The tent is named for a laundress in the 148th NY Infantry Volunteers, who joined when her husband enlisted in 1862. Mary stayed with the regiment throughout the war and settled in Waterloo after the men were mustered out. When Mary died in 1881, her coffin was draped in regimental colors and carried by veterans of the 148th. For a first-hand account of her service, please click here.

Monthly meetings are held at The Gridley Inn in Waterloo, NY on the third Sunday of each month. Mary Gahan Tent #109 also organizes four yearly events at the ACWM: The annual Posting of the 36 Star Memorial Flag on May 5th, the original Memorial Day; a national celebration and commemoration of the Civil War period and a service on Memorial Day weekend; a Flag Day ceremony in June; and a living history and annual Dedication Picnic on the fourth Saturday in September.

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